Becoming A Blackstone Company

Prospective Network Companies are exceptional in many (or all) of these areas:

-The Company should have explicit growth goals for the engagement; for example, specific revenue targets, funding targets, strategic direction, commercialization, technology proof, market acceptance, and/or company formation.

-The Network EIRs feel the founders are well suited to advance the Company through BEN EIR’s experience, connections to capital, talent, markets, or partnerships.

-The founders and team are committed and willing to be coached and work towards milestones.

-For earlier stage technology companies, the technology should be differentiated (or differentiable) and protectable.

-For later stage companies, the market should be clear and the team is capable of becoming a leader in their identified market.

-The Company and/or its product should be able to identify a plausible way of establishing or retaining their leadership as the Company or technology progresses.

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